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Session 4

Theheroes awake to the sound of thunder and raining. They decide to head past thecastle and back to the cave to retrieve the Magic Item Bluestone mentioned inhopes to give it back to the adventurers to stop pursuing Bluestone. Our heroesfinally reach the cave surrounded by charred grounds from the Chimera. Theyenter the cave and notice a light source up ahead. Slowly making their way upto investigate. Around the corner they see the three adventurers theyencountered earlier, Andrew Nemeth, Old Jovan, and Mossad, with Bluestone boundin ropes. Andrew notices Orson and calles out “Oh the half-breed comes back toplay!”. Orson not liking the sight of Bluestone imprisoned for what he believeswas nothing wrong, draws his greatsword and charges. The battle is a close onebut soon the only one standing is Old Jovan, he surrenders. Alexander knowsthis man is evil and sentences him to death*. Alexander gives Old Jovan a swiftand painless execution. Orson pleased with the battle and seeing as the enemiesdied honorably in battle he buries them. Bluestone decided to head out on his own, not wanting to stick around here for much longer. He mentioned they might meet him somewhere to the east Having burnt a lot of resources theygo back to Hengistbury, trade in for new supplies, and rest up for the evening.

Earlyon this foggy morning they head northward towards the castle of Brockendale.Coming up the hill, they reach a long staircase heading up towards the castle.Orson notices spider webs scattered across the ground. Coming up the bridge andtowers that were fully encased in webs, six large spiders attacked! Orson getspoisoned but they manage to drive them off.

Reachingthe courtyard Nero gets hit with a bucket followed by “Get out! Get out! Getout!” and every door in the courtyard slamming shut. Nero overcome by fearmakes a run for it. The others catch up and help calm him down. Back to thecourtyard Alexander states that he only wishes to help. The door to the mainentrance opens slowly. They enter and the kitchen door opens. Upon entering thekitchen they are overcome with a most foul odor. After being attacked by aslime crawler they search the area and find a journal belonging to a womannamed Eleanor. Reading it they find outshe became pregnant from an affair with a previous lord Pemberton and shefeared she was going be imprisoned. The journal abruptly ends there. Theyimmediately head to the prison. Searching the many cells they find a notewrapped inside one of the rusted metal bread frames. The note is to herstillborn son. Sudden Eleanor appears in the door way and tells them the restof her story. She was tried as a witch by Lady Pemberton for seducing LordPemberton. The morning follow her stillbirth she was executed. Enraged theyimmediately headed back towards Hengistbury keep to speak to the current Lordand Lady Pemberton.

They reach the keep. In the courtyard Ariadne is speaking to Lady Pemberton. Ariadnesmiles and waves to Alexander. She walks over to talk to him, telling him ofhow she’s looking forward to the summer festival. Alexander asks her if she isfree for the evening and if she would like to take a walk with him. With herface bright red, she accepts. They look to Lady Pemberton and tells her theyneed to talk to her. Nero tells his parents the tragic story of Eleanor.Shocked by the story, they write her a writ of pardon of any crimes.
Backat Brockendale castle Alexander formally announces Nero Dia Pemberton who thenreads the writ aloud. They feel calmness then in the breeze a note lands attheir feet with the words “Thank You.”. They continue to explore thecastle and finally find the bedroom, they find the scabbard underneath the bedcovered in a thick layer of dust. Taking what they came to find they head backtowards the keep. Upon speaking to Lord and Lady Pemberton again they tell ofhow the helped Eleanor rest in peace and give Lord Pemberton his scabbard back.Never thinking he would ever see the scabbard in his life, Lord and LadyPemberton awards each of them the Pemberton Crest.

Session 3

Gozran 15 (continue)
That evening the adventurers stayed at the Lost Shepherd. Tired from the last few days they pay for rooms and get some rest. Alexander learning more about his abilities begins to wonder what is happening to him. “I do see fire, maybe Serenrae?” with this he falls asleep. Later that night he gets a flashback, He and his mentor with an army of knights and mages are heading towards Skill Mountain. The dragon appears overhead and starts slaughtering everyone. Alexander one of the last ones alive raises his shield as the dragon looms overhead and with a sharp intake of breath, breathes fire down upon the last survivor.
“Saerenrae?… " a voice says with a sigh. Time seems to have slown down, standing over Alexander is a tall human like creature with long feathery wings of crimson and an inner radiance that makes it difficult to look at. “Alexander Oathbound, you swore an oath of vengeance upon the dragon Cirothe and Ragathiel has answered. But you have much to learn. I come to bestow another gift upon you, But next time… I will take something away”. With this he grabs hold of Alexander’s shield arm. The whole tavern is awoken by the scream of pain as Alexander is woken in a fiery sweat, a large burn on his forearm. Nero, Slyar, and Orson enter to see what all the commotion is. Alexander has a large burn on his forearm in the shape of a crimson feathery wing. Nero realizes this is the symbol of Ragathiel. They grab a quick bite to eat, Alexander a strong drink, and they go back to bed.

Gozran 16
They wake around 11am, up late from their ordeal and midnight snack. As they are eating brunch and Orson wishing something interesting might happen. Three adventurers , Andrew Nemeth, Old Jovan, and Mossad enter the inn. They start yelling curses at one individual in the corner “Thy and steal from us Bluestone?”. the Andrew grabs a mug from the counter and throws it at the man, badly missing and spraying Orson with mead. A single tear falls down his cheek as he happily hops onto the table and tackles the man, the rest of the patrons fed up with this adventuring party get up and join the barfight. In the chaotic scene Bluestone manages to cast glitterdust blinding most the the tavern and escapes.
Once the dust clears the rival adventurers see staying here is pointless and they escape, only to be chased down by Orson who has now drawn his great sword. Midway down the street they turn and draw their own weapons and prepare to fight back. During the fight Alexander attempts to break it up by pulling Orson away but Orson trips him in the process. Orson falls, as well as Andrew Nemeth. Sylar manages to greatly wound Old Jovan and Alexander surrenders. Nero pulls Orson out of the fight. Mossad and Old Jovan take Andrew and they walk off.
Orson and Alexander get into a fight with one another. Orson believes that one should NEVER take one out of the fight as it puts your side at a tactical disadvantage. If Orson would die in combat that would be an honorable death, for dieing in battle is the ONLY way one should die. Despite all attempts for Alexander to stop the fight as it was happening, the rival adventurers did not relent. Orson forsake Alexander as a companion and took off towards Thornbury, Nero chased after. Alexander and Sylar stayed in Borcester.
Wanting to get to the bottom of what happened, Sylar and Alexander look for Bluestone. after some groans of “Not Again…”, the manage to convince the locals that they only want to help. They manage to track Bluestone down to a barn about a mile outside of town. He isn’t very good at hiding himself and Sylar found him pretty quickly. Bluestone tells them he was once a companion to the three others but they found a magic item. They all argued as to who would get it when Bluestone took it himself and made a run for it, he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved and was bullies mostly by the group. Bluestone says the item is in a cave, a little north of Thornbury. They set out for Thornbury.

Gozran 17
Most of the day is spend traveling. Orson and Nero make it to Thornbury midday and spend the rest of it at Denhews Pub n’ Grub. Orson meets Yara Bloodclaw, she sees Orson is down and they get to talking. Offering him some guidance along the way. He decides to meditate on it. That evening Sylar and Alexander arrive. They meet the others at the Pub. Orson is still ignoring Alexander. Sylar tells of the information he found about the magic item and Bluestone and that its located in a cave to the north. Overhearing this Albert Wright joins the conversation telling them they should go there right now. He tells them of a large creature roaming the countryside eating stray sheep and other animals there, he wants to capture it but needs their help. They agree and decide to set out in the morning.
Orson and Alexander settle their differences and Orson head buts Alex calling them even.

Gozran 18
Today the weather turns to slight overcast. Orson determines that tomorrow it is going to rain. Early morning they head back to Hengistbury. Remembering they were owed some gold they met up with Rorus and got paid, they replenished their supplies and continues to the Wizards Tower. Hunch-back Roland told them of what to get and they split up. Nero and Orson went to find Freya, Sylar and Alexander went to get the Sand. By the time Nero and Orson got back to the others, Alex managed to toss out two buckets of sand but they finally got the sand they needed. Freya led them to the grove in the Forest and they managed to pick the Roses and went back to Roland. It looked good enough and he brought them to his master. an hour later Roland comes back and gives them the vials. They meets up with Albert and examine the holding facilities he has made. They head north past the castle and finally see the cave entrance. Noticing the Chimera, Albert lets our a “Crikey!” and everyone gets into position. They manage to put it to sleep on the third turn and they tie it up and cart it back to town. Albert Wright pays them and they plan on heading back to the cave tomorrow to retrieve Bluestones magic item and give it to the other adventurers to get them off Bluestones back.

Session 2

Gozran 11 (continue)
They have successfully slain the werewolf. Suddenly it turns into a human, startling the adventurers. Nero wraps the body for a proper burial wanting to take the man back to town. Orson protests but quickly gives in, not wanting to put himself on Erastils bad side. Worried there may be more they make haste back towards Hengistbury. They arrive in the dead of night and head straight to the House of healing, which is also the Temple of Erastil. Alexander writes a military report to Brand detailing the events of the last two nights. Sylar delivers the letter and they all go to sleep and decide to meet up in the morning.

Gozran 12
They woke in the morning to meet up with one another. Nero oversee the burial of the unnamed werewolf with his mother Lady Sybill Pemberton. Orson visited Rorus and sold the chainmail of the werewolf and got his own armor repaired. Orson asked if there was anything that he needed to be done, Rorus took this opportunity to hire him on as an escort for his shipment that was getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. Orson was eager to make a little gold so he went to tell the others. They returned to tell Rorus that they accept and they’ll be down in the early morning. Alexander got his armor repaired and left.
The rest of the evening went by uneventfully, aside from some talk in the tavern over a card game. Three Fingered Jake asked to join and entertained them with a story of a Haunted Castle a little ways to the north.

Gozran 13
In the early hours of the morning Orson was woken up by a knock on his door. Seven-foot Dan was there. He told Orson to meet Rorus within the hour at his forge. Orson gathered the rest of the adventurers and headed towards the forge. Rorus greeted them in his usual cheery self, with a frown and a hint of sarcasm. (They should be happy they have yet to meet his wife.) Rorus gives them the rundown of what is expected of them, to provide an escort up river to the edge of holdenshire and pass off the cargo at Borcester. This trip will take three days and for them to prepare for such. They gather up some supplies and food for the three day trip and plan on picking up more once they reach Borcester.
the adventurers introduce themselves to the bargemen and they were off. Nothing happened for the first 8 hours but in the early afternoon, from a seemingly innocent passing barge, arrows were set loose upon them! They found themselves with the opposing barge coming up beside them and being attacked my four human pirates and two goblin rangers. After a very difficult battle they looted what they could from their enemies and sunk their barge, burying them in the river. The rest of the evening and the next day went by uneventfully.

Gozran 15
They wake early in the morning and continue to sail downriver. By this time Sylar is fidgeting out of sheer boredom. So far he has carved an entire stick party of adventurers into the floor of the barge. But his boredom is soon alleviated when the barge becomes attacked once more, not by pirates but from beneath by seven lizard men! Coming up from beneath the barge they claw at the feet of the adventurers and attempt to drag them overboard. They manage to knock Alexander unconscious and drag Nero into the river. Orson manages to kill the Lizard Man that was pulling Nero underneath and brings him to safety. The last Lizard Man tried to escape but is slain as well.
That evening they make it safely to Borcester and assist in the unloading of the cargo. Looking for a place to stay for the evening the Cart Driver guides them to the local inn, The Lost Shepherd.

Session 1
Session 1

Our first session begins on Gozran the 9th.

Nero begins his day fishing upon the bridge south of town catching two nice sized fish, he takes them to the tavern to be friend up and added to todays menu.

Alexander having arrived in town a week ago injured by the dragons attack just got out of the house of healing and begins exploring the town. He meets Rhorus and the studdering Seven-Foot-Dan and requests a suit of chainmail, a longsword, a shortword, and a shield. Dan studders “Y-y-y-you can p-p-pick it up tom-m-morrow.” Alexander pays for his wares and takes a visit to Samuel and Sons general good store. He purchases some personal care items and goes to pay for a room at the tavern. He begins to shave and clean up.

Orson heads north and sets some traps on the boarder of the weirwood. He digs a pitfall trap to hopefully catch a wild boar. Heads back south, meeting a few travellers along the way headed for the Bleeding Heart Tavern, he cheerfully wraps his arm around their shoulders much to their discomfort and walks with them to the tavern.

Sylar has already begun his day at the tavern and enjoys a conversation with Brand Torek and is soon joined by the others. Hearing talk of the dragon by Sylar, Alexander joins him and they exchange short stories on how much they dislike the dragon. Alexander for being the only surviving member of his troop, and Sylar for the dragon destorying his entire caravan company and taking the cart with valuables with it. Orson enthusiasticly joins in saying “If there is any dragon smiting, count me in!” . Nero joins in offering everyone some Holdenshire Trout steaks. They all partake. Brand talks about the area, warning them to stay away from the Fogmoore for a wolf prowles the area at night. Another drunken old man mentions floating stones and weird noises over at murrays folley. Another man takes the old man and as they are leaving, in his drunken stupor he asks the sober man guiding him if they can not see the troll today. This piques the Heroes curiosity and they begin asking questions. They decide it best to try this tomorrow. Alexander asks Ugg is he can speak Giant to which Ugg replies, “I am a giant”. This continues on for a few moment until the rogue puts it into simple terms for him to understand.

Gozran the 10th

Orson heads north to find his trap filled with a single Boar, he slays it, cleans it up and takes the wild pork to the tavern, noticing noone is there, he drops it in the ice box and leaves. The rest of the heroes meet up at the Bakery decided the next course of action. Asking themselves, how do we kill a troll? They discover that alchemists fire is too expensive at the current time. They try the diplomatic approach first and hope for the best. They meet with Ugg and cautiously head eastward to the bridge. They hear faint coughing noises and slow down. Orson in his infinite wisdom taunts and tried to intimidate the troll only pissing it off in the process as he is the only person other than Ugg who can speak giant. It takes Ugg, Alexander, and Nero to calm her down and allow the cleric to see the child. She lets them apporach, but not letting Orson near, Nero uses Channel Positive Energy and heals the baby troll, the mother is very happy and gives them her shinies and runs north. Orson is upaset he couldnt make himself a Troll Skin Rug today. They head back to Hengistbury

Now the plan on entering the fogmoore. They gather up supplies and tool kits and venture south. Alexander was the only one to get stuck in the mud and it took them a couple tried to pull him out. Suddenly seven stirges attack the party draining quite a bit of blood from Sylar and a bit from Orson. They decide to camp here, the continue to hear howls throughout the night but it doesnt come near.

Gozran the 11th

They set out the next day and follow tracks for the entire day until the next nightfall. They follow the blood and carnage until they see the Werewolves Shilouette in the darkness, it runs forward. The Paladin loads a bullet into his sling and SMITE EVIL! struck it in the head. The wolf shocked that it got hit and that it actually hurt, drawn its sword and charged the Paladin who also drawn its sword. They lock blades in an epic duel. Alexander hitting him every other swing, breaching his DR with Smite Evil. Nero begins firing arrows while Sylar sneaks in through the side and manages to land an excellent Critical Hit + Sneak Attack bringing him down to 1 hitpoint after DR was applied. Finally Alexander managed to pierce him through the heart, kicking his feet out from underneath him and piercing him through the side of the head.


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