To Slay A Dragon

Session 4

Theheroes awake to the sound of thunder and raining. They decide to head past thecastle and back to the cave to retrieve the Magic Item Bluestone mentioned inhopes to give it back to the adventurers to stop pursuing Bluestone. Our heroesfinally reach the cave surrounded by charred grounds from the Chimera. Theyenter the cave and notice a light source up ahead. Slowly making their way upto investigate. Around the corner they see the three adventurers theyencountered earlier, Andrew Nemeth, Old Jovan, and Mossad, with Bluestone boundin ropes. Andrew notices Orson and calles out “Oh the half-breed comes back toplay!”. Orson not liking the sight of Bluestone imprisoned for what he believeswas nothing wrong, draws his greatsword and charges. The battle is a close onebut soon the only one standing is Old Jovan, he surrenders. Alexander knowsthis man is evil and sentences him to death*. Alexander gives Old Jovan a swiftand painless execution. Orson pleased with the battle and seeing as the enemiesdied honorably in battle he buries them. Bluestone decided to head out on his own, not wanting to stick around here for much longer. He mentioned they might meet him somewhere to the east Having burnt a lot of resources theygo back to Hengistbury, trade in for new supplies, and rest up for the evening.

Earlyon this foggy morning they head northward towards the castle of Brockendale.Coming up the hill, they reach a long staircase heading up towards the castle.Orson notices spider webs scattered across the ground. Coming up the bridge andtowers that were fully encased in webs, six large spiders attacked! Orson getspoisoned but they manage to drive them off.

Reachingthe courtyard Nero gets hit with a bucket followed by “Get out! Get out! Getout!” and every door in the courtyard slamming shut. Nero overcome by fearmakes a run for it. The others catch up and help calm him down. Back to thecourtyard Alexander states that he only wishes to help. The door to the mainentrance opens slowly. They enter and the kitchen door opens. Upon entering thekitchen they are overcome with a most foul odor. After being attacked by aslime crawler they search the area and find a journal belonging to a womannamed Eleanor. Reading it they find outshe became pregnant from an affair with a previous lord Pemberton and shefeared she was going be imprisoned. The journal abruptly ends there. Theyimmediately head to the prison. Searching the many cells they find a notewrapped inside one of the rusted metal bread frames. The note is to herstillborn son. Sudden Eleanor appears in the door way and tells them the restof her story. She was tried as a witch by Lady Pemberton for seducing LordPemberton. The morning follow her stillbirth she was executed. Enraged theyimmediately headed back towards Hengistbury keep to speak to the current Lordand Lady Pemberton.

They reach the keep. In the courtyard Ariadne is speaking to Lady Pemberton. Ariadnesmiles and waves to Alexander. She walks over to talk to him, telling him ofhow she’s looking forward to the summer festival. Alexander asks her if she isfree for the evening and if she would like to take a walk with him. With herface bright red, she accepts. They look to Lady Pemberton and tells her theyneed to talk to her. Nero tells his parents the tragic story of Eleanor.Shocked by the story, they write her a writ of pardon of any crimes.
Backat Brockendale castle Alexander formally announces Nero Dia Pemberton who thenreads the writ aloud. They feel calmness then in the breeze a note lands attheir feet with the words “Thank You.”. They continue to explore thecastle and finally find the bedroom, they find the scabbard underneath the bedcovered in a thick layer of dust. Taking what they came to find they head backtowards the keep. Upon speaking to Lord and Lady Pemberton again they tell ofhow the helped Eleanor rest in peace and give Lord Pemberton his scabbard back.Never thinking he would ever see the scabbard in his life, Lord and LadyPemberton awards each of them the Pemberton Crest.



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