To Slay A Dragon

Session 3

Gozran 15 (continue)
That evening the adventurers stayed at the Lost Shepherd. Tired from the last few days they pay for rooms and get some rest. Alexander learning more about his abilities begins to wonder what is happening to him. “I do see fire, maybe Serenrae?” with this he falls asleep. Later that night he gets a flashback, He and his mentor with an army of knights and mages are heading towards Skill Mountain. The dragon appears overhead and starts slaughtering everyone. Alexander one of the last ones alive raises his shield as the dragon looms overhead and with a sharp intake of breath, breathes fire down upon the last survivor.
“Saerenrae?… " a voice says with a sigh. Time seems to have slown down, standing over Alexander is a tall human like creature with long feathery wings of crimson and an inner radiance that makes it difficult to look at. “Alexander Oathbound, you swore an oath of vengeance upon the dragon Cirothe and Ragathiel has answered. But you have much to learn. I come to bestow another gift upon you, But next time… I will take something away”. With this he grabs hold of Alexander’s shield arm. The whole tavern is awoken by the scream of pain as Alexander is woken in a fiery sweat, a large burn on his forearm. Nero, Slyar, and Orson enter to see what all the commotion is. Alexander has a large burn on his forearm in the shape of a crimson feathery wing. Nero realizes this is the symbol of Ragathiel. They grab a quick bite to eat, Alexander a strong drink, and they go back to bed.

Gozran 16
They wake around 11am, up late from their ordeal and midnight snack. As they are eating brunch and Orson wishing something interesting might happen. Three adventurers , Andrew Nemeth, Old Jovan, and Mossad enter the inn. They start yelling curses at one individual in the corner “Thy and steal from us Bluestone?”. the Andrew grabs a mug from the counter and throws it at the man, badly missing and spraying Orson with mead. A single tear falls down his cheek as he happily hops onto the table and tackles the man, the rest of the patrons fed up with this adventuring party get up and join the barfight. In the chaotic scene Bluestone manages to cast glitterdust blinding most the the tavern and escapes.
Once the dust clears the rival adventurers see staying here is pointless and they escape, only to be chased down by Orson who has now drawn his great sword. Midway down the street they turn and draw their own weapons and prepare to fight back. During the fight Alexander attempts to break it up by pulling Orson away but Orson trips him in the process. Orson falls, as well as Andrew Nemeth. Sylar manages to greatly wound Old Jovan and Alexander surrenders. Nero pulls Orson out of the fight. Mossad and Old Jovan take Andrew and they walk off.
Orson and Alexander get into a fight with one another. Orson believes that one should NEVER take one out of the fight as it puts your side at a tactical disadvantage. If Orson would die in combat that would be an honorable death, for dieing in battle is the ONLY way one should die. Despite all attempts for Alexander to stop the fight as it was happening, the rival adventurers did not relent. Orson forsake Alexander as a companion and took off towards Thornbury, Nero chased after. Alexander and Sylar stayed in Borcester.
Wanting to get to the bottom of what happened, Sylar and Alexander look for Bluestone. after some groans of “Not Again…”, the manage to convince the locals that they only want to help. They manage to track Bluestone down to a barn about a mile outside of town. He isn’t very good at hiding himself and Sylar found him pretty quickly. Bluestone tells them he was once a companion to the three others but they found a magic item. They all argued as to who would get it when Bluestone took it himself and made a run for it, he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved and was bullies mostly by the group. Bluestone says the item is in a cave, a little north of Thornbury. They set out for Thornbury.

Gozran 17
Most of the day is spend traveling. Orson and Nero make it to Thornbury midday and spend the rest of it at Denhews Pub n’ Grub. Orson meets Yara Bloodclaw, she sees Orson is down and they get to talking. Offering him some guidance along the way. He decides to meditate on it. That evening Sylar and Alexander arrive. They meet the others at the Pub. Orson is still ignoring Alexander. Sylar tells of the information he found about the magic item and Bluestone and that its located in a cave to the north. Overhearing this Albert Wright joins the conversation telling them they should go there right now. He tells them of a large creature roaming the countryside eating stray sheep and other animals there, he wants to capture it but needs their help. They agree and decide to set out in the morning.
Orson and Alexander settle their differences and Orson head buts Alex calling them even.

Gozran 18
Today the weather turns to slight overcast. Orson determines that tomorrow it is going to rain. Early morning they head back to Hengistbury. Remembering they were owed some gold they met up with Rorus and got paid, they replenished their supplies and continues to the Wizards Tower. Hunch-back Roland told them of what to get and they split up. Nero and Orson went to find Freya, Sylar and Alexander went to get the Sand. By the time Nero and Orson got back to the others, Alex managed to toss out two buckets of sand but they finally got the sand they needed. Freya led them to the grove in the Forest and they managed to pick the Roses and went back to Roland. It looked good enough and he brought them to his master. an hour later Roland comes back and gives them the vials. They meets up with Albert and examine the holding facilities he has made. They head north past the castle and finally see the cave entrance. Noticing the Chimera, Albert lets our a “Crikey!” and everyone gets into position. They manage to put it to sleep on the third turn and they tie it up and cart it back to town. Albert Wright pays them and they plan on heading back to the cave tomorrow to retrieve Bluestones magic item and give it to the other adventurers to get them off Bluestones back.



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