To Slay A Dragon

Session 2

Gozran 11 (continue)
They have successfully slain the werewolf. Suddenly it turns into a human, startling the adventurers. Nero wraps the body for a proper burial wanting to take the man back to town. Orson protests but quickly gives in, not wanting to put himself on Erastils bad side. Worried there may be more they make haste back towards Hengistbury. They arrive in the dead of night and head straight to the House of healing, which is also the Temple of Erastil. Alexander writes a military report to Brand detailing the events of the last two nights. Sylar delivers the letter and they all go to sleep and decide to meet up in the morning.

Gozran 12
They woke in the morning to meet up with one another. Nero oversee the burial of the unnamed werewolf with his mother Lady Sybill Pemberton. Orson visited Rorus and sold the chainmail of the werewolf and got his own armor repaired. Orson asked if there was anything that he needed to be done, Rorus took this opportunity to hire him on as an escort for his shipment that was getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. Orson was eager to make a little gold so he went to tell the others. They returned to tell Rorus that they accept and they’ll be down in the early morning. Alexander got his armor repaired and left.
The rest of the evening went by uneventfully, aside from some talk in the tavern over a card game. Three Fingered Jake asked to join and entertained them with a story of a Haunted Castle a little ways to the north.

Gozran 13
In the early hours of the morning Orson was woken up by a knock on his door. Seven-foot Dan was there. He told Orson to meet Rorus within the hour at his forge. Orson gathered the rest of the adventurers and headed towards the forge. Rorus greeted them in his usual cheery self, with a frown and a hint of sarcasm. (They should be happy they have yet to meet his wife.) Rorus gives them the rundown of what is expected of them, to provide an escort up river to the edge of holdenshire and pass off the cargo at Borcester. This trip will take three days and for them to prepare for such. They gather up some supplies and food for the three day trip and plan on picking up more once they reach Borcester.
the adventurers introduce themselves to the bargemen and they were off. Nothing happened for the first 8 hours but in the early afternoon, from a seemingly innocent passing barge, arrows were set loose upon them! They found themselves with the opposing barge coming up beside them and being attacked my four human pirates and two goblin rangers. After a very difficult battle they looted what they could from their enemies and sunk their barge, burying them in the river. The rest of the evening and the next day went by uneventfully.

Gozran 15
They wake early in the morning and continue to sail downriver. By this time Sylar is fidgeting out of sheer boredom. So far he has carved an entire stick party of adventurers into the floor of the barge. But his boredom is soon alleviated when the barge becomes attacked once more, not by pirates but from beneath by seven lizard men! Coming up from beneath the barge they claw at the feet of the adventurers and attempt to drag them overboard. They manage to knock Alexander unconscious and drag Nero into the river. Orson manages to kill the Lizard Man that was pulling Nero underneath and brings him to safety. The last Lizard Man tried to escape but is slain as well.
That evening they make it safely to Borcester and assist in the unloading of the cargo. Looking for a place to stay for the evening the Cart Driver guides them to the local inn, The Lost Shepherd.



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