To Slay A Dragon

Session 1

Session 1

Our first session begins on Gozran the 9th.

Nero begins his day fishing upon the bridge south of town catching two nice sized fish, he takes them to the tavern to be friend up and added to todays menu.

Alexander having arrived in town a week ago injured by the dragons attack just got out of the house of healing and begins exploring the town. He meets Rhorus and the studdering Seven-Foot-Dan and requests a suit of chainmail, a longsword, a shortword, and a shield. Dan studders “Y-y-y-you can p-p-pick it up tom-m-morrow.” Alexander pays for his wares and takes a visit to Samuel and Sons general good store. He purchases some personal care items and goes to pay for a room at the tavern. He begins to shave and clean up.

Orson heads north and sets some traps on the boarder of the weirwood. He digs a pitfall trap to hopefully catch a wild boar. Heads back south, meeting a few travellers along the way headed for the Bleeding Heart Tavern, he cheerfully wraps his arm around their shoulders much to their discomfort and walks with them to the tavern.

Sylar has already begun his day at the tavern and enjoys a conversation with Brand Torek and is soon joined by the others. Hearing talk of the dragon by Sylar, Alexander joins him and they exchange short stories on how much they dislike the dragon. Alexander for being the only surviving member of his troop, and Sylar for the dragon destorying his entire caravan company and taking the cart with valuables with it. Orson enthusiasticly joins in saying “If there is any dragon smiting, count me in!” . Nero joins in offering everyone some Holdenshire Trout steaks. They all partake. Brand talks about the area, warning them to stay away from the Fogmoore for a wolf prowles the area at night. Another drunken old man mentions floating stones and weird noises over at murrays folley. Another man takes the old man and as they are leaving, in his drunken stupor he asks the sober man guiding him if they can not see the troll today. This piques the Heroes curiosity and they begin asking questions. They decide it best to try this tomorrow. Alexander asks Ugg is he can speak Giant to which Ugg replies, “I am a giant”. This continues on for a few moment until the rogue puts it into simple terms for him to understand.

Gozran the 10th

Orson heads north to find his trap filled with a single Boar, he slays it, cleans it up and takes the wild pork to the tavern, noticing noone is there, he drops it in the ice box and leaves. The rest of the heroes meet up at the Bakery decided the next course of action. Asking themselves, how do we kill a troll? They discover that alchemists fire is too expensive at the current time. They try the diplomatic approach first and hope for the best. They meet with Ugg and cautiously head eastward to the bridge. They hear faint coughing noises and slow down. Orson in his infinite wisdom taunts and tried to intimidate the troll only pissing it off in the process as he is the only person other than Ugg who can speak giant. It takes Ugg, Alexander, and Nero to calm her down and allow the cleric to see the child. She lets them apporach, but not letting Orson near, Nero uses Channel Positive Energy and heals the baby troll, the mother is very happy and gives them her shinies and runs north. Orson is upaset he couldnt make himself a Troll Skin Rug today. They head back to Hengistbury

Now the plan on entering the fogmoore. They gather up supplies and tool kits and venture south. Alexander was the only one to get stuck in the mud and it took them a couple tried to pull him out. Suddenly seven stirges attack the party draining quite a bit of blood from Sylar and a bit from Orson. They decide to camp here, the continue to hear howls throughout the night but it doesnt come near.

Gozran the 11th

They set out the next day and follow tracks for the entire day until the next nightfall. They follow the blood and carnage until they see the Werewolves Shilouette in the darkness, it runs forward. The Paladin loads a bullet into his sling and SMITE EVIL! struck it in the head. The wolf shocked that it got hit and that it actually hurt, drawn its sword and charged the Paladin who also drawn its sword. They lock blades in an epic duel. Alexander hitting him every other swing, breaching his DR with Smite Evil. Nero begins firing arrows while Sylar sneaks in through the side and manages to land an excellent Critical Hit + Sneak Attack bringing him down to 1 hitpoint after DR was applied. Finally Alexander managed to pierce him through the heart, kicking his feet out from underneath him and piercing him through the side of the head.



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